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I subscribed to Humble Bundle at the start of this year, January 2018, specifically to get one game, Quantum Break. Every month, Humble graciously reveals one to three games that will be included in the upcoming bundle and gives subscribers the option to pay early to go ahead and start playing these games. For the January 2018 bundle, Quantum Break was the massive game that Humble showcased, so I jumped on board the Humble train and never looked back.

To put things into perspective Quantum Break costs $39.99 on Steam and the lowest recorded price, according to SteamDB, is $9.99. Subscribing to Humble Bundle is only $12 a month. This is why I decided to subscribe to Humble Bundle.

This month’s early reveals include Overwatch, Dungeons 3and Hidden Folks, with the full bundle being available October 5th. These three games alone, total up to $87.97. That’s a lot more than $12, and there’s still 5 more games to come!

Personally, I am most excited about Hidden Folks. As a child, some of my favorite books where Where’s Waldo? and Hidden Folks is essentially an interactive, colorless Where’s Waldo? video game.

At this point, I have received 9 monthly bundles and I am far more satisfied with this subscription than with my Fallout Loot Crate subscription (I am not providing a link to that because I do not recommend it). I have not played every game from every bundle, and I have completely ignored some bundles. For the rest of this article, I will discuss some of the gems that Humble Bundle has provided me with.

January 2018

I already owned Tomb Raider, but this game alone could make the bundle. If I didn’t already own this game, I would’ve been extremely happy to see it in the bundle. I haven’t had time to play Sleeping Dogs, but this looks to be another great title. As I’ve stated, I initially subscribed for Quantum Break and I was pleasantly pleased. The game could have been better, but provided a fun 8 hours. Hiveswap was an okay game. I’m not a huge fan of point-and-click games and would have never played this game if it were not in the bundle. I think I could’ve survived without playing this game, though.

February 2018

Tacoma is garbage, but The Norwood Suite is the true gem of not only the February 2018 Humble Bundle, but the highlight of my entire 9 month subscription. Seriously, I’m not joking. The Norwood Suite is the best game, I’ve gotten from Humble Bundle. This game was a huge surprise and I’m glad that I gave it a chance and that Humble included it in the bundle.

March 2018

I actually haven’t spent a lot of time with the games included in this bundle. Dark Souls III is just a little too hardcore for me (okay, a lot too hardcore), but Splasher was fun the little bit of time I played it. I’ve neglected this bundle, but that’s because other bundles were so great!

April 2018

This one has Outlast 2, Lara Croft GO, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, GOD EATER 2: Rage Burst, GOD EATER: Resurrection, and Mafia III!? What? Oh, and there’s three other games and the Humble Original. Holy smokes!

May 2018

The only game I’ve played from this bundle is Dead Rising 4, and people don’t like it, and I see why. I can’t truly review this bundle, because I haven’t had any playtime in any of the other games included.

June 2018

The June 2018 bundle had Destiny 2 in it. Everything else in this bundle is kind of …meh. I resold Destiny 2 for $16, so I actually made a profit on this bundle and sometimes that’s okay.

July 2018

Titan Quest and Shiness are the two games that stand out to me from this bundle. I’ve only had time to play Titan Quest from this bundle.

August 2018

The Surge is a great game, perhaps not as good as Dark Souls, but still fun. I look forward to playing A Hat in Time, The Escapists 2, and Kona when time permits.

September 2018

Little Nightmares, Sniper Elite 4, Tales of Berseria, and Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition are all great grabs, but the real standout of this bundle is Battle Chef Brigade. I haven’t beaten Battle Chef Brigade yet, but boy is it cool. I typically, despise match 3 games, but BCB does enough different to make an absolutely stunning game.


I understand that I haven’t done a very good job reviewing the bundles, but I hope that my point has come across. I support and recommend Humble Bundle. Sign up, you won’t be disappointed. I guarantee that you will get your money’s worth every month and if all else fails, you can sell or gift unwanted keys to friends.

Humble Bundle has exposed me to amazing games that I never would have played otherwise like The Norwood Suite, Battle Chef Brigade, Titan Quest, Mafia III, and Outlast 2.

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