The Adventures of Vant-aj

I picked up my ticket to Tamriel for a measly $13 from Green Man GamingThe Elder Scrolls Online has been a game that I have wanted to get into since its release, but I didn’t want to pay a monthly subscription to play. After the monthly subscription became optional, I almost purchased the game multiple times, but always decided not to for some unknown reason until I recently saw an advertisement for the new Summerset chapter. However, I opted to only get the Morrowind chapter for now.

Here are my thoughts on The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) after my first 10 hours:

  • I made a Khajiit named Vant-aj.
  • I roamed around Morrowind for about an hour trying to figure out why I wasn’t in Coldharbour.
  • I stopped the Maormer from summoning a hurricane to destroy Khenarthi’s Roost.
  • I helped Lyris save the prophet.
  • Then I saved Lyris.
  • I executed the traitor at Tenzelwil in the name of Queen Ayrenn.

It seems that with the Morrowind and Summerset chapters Zenimax decided that new players would start in these new chapters. The problem with this is that the Morrowind tutorial sequence isn’t very helpful. I struggled trying to understand some of the mechanics, but when I finally figured out how to get to the original start of ESO (probably not the original start, but the start of the original main quest in Coldharbour), I had a much easier time learning what the game was trying to teach me. The Summerset tutorial might be better, but I recommend that if you are a newcomer, do the vanilla main quest first, then jump into the Morrowind or Summerset chapter.

I’m enjoying ESO particularly because of the combat. The combat in Skyrim has always been horrible, but ESO‘s combat is spot on! Bethesda has shown that they are working on improving combat in the titles with Fallout 4‘s improved gunplay so I expect The Elder Scrolls VI to have improved combat. I wouldn’t mind if TESVI adopted some combat mechanics from ESO.

Vant-aj is a dual-wielding dagger tank. He launches from the shadows to ambush enemies then rapidly stabs and slashes with his twin daggers.

How to keep rats out of skooma fields

  1. Steal Thunderbug Eggs.
  2. Throw Thunderbug Eggs into Rat Nest.
  3. Now you have a Thunderbug problem.

I highly recommend The Elder Scrolls Online to anybody who is thinking about jumping into the MMORPG. Remember that this isn’t Skyrim and you will enjoy it. Now Vant-aj must get back to Auridon, but he will be back with more thoughts in 10 hours.

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