More Adventures of Vant-aj

I’ve just gotten back to the United States from travels to New Zealand and I’ve got a lot of gaming and eating buffalo wings to catch up on. Before I left on my trip, I spent another 10 hours playing The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), but did not have time to write this article.

  • Joined the Fighter’s Guild.
    • The Guildmaster is an an Argonian named Sees-All-Colors.
    • Argonians have stupid names.
    • Vant-aj is not racist.
  • Cleared Del’s Claim.
    • Vant-aj claimed Polinus.
  • Saved Silsailen from the Veiled Heritance attack.
    • Vant-aj wears Veiled Heritance gear not because he is a member of the Veiled Heritance, but because it is the best loot that he has.
  • Came across a town called Phaer.
    • Ceborn warned Vant-aj not to enter because of a plague.
    • Vant-aj ain’t afraid of no plague.
    • There was a vampire in Phaer.
      • No real plague.
    • Vant-aj killed the vampire with silver bolts from his Dawnguard Vampire Hunter crossbow.
      • The vampire’s name was Dr. Jonathan Reid.
        • Editor: Nope! That’s incorrect! The vampire’s name was Tancano.
  • Saved Dawnbreak from a Daedric attack.
  • Helped Baham rescue the College of Aldmeri Propriety from the Veiled Heritance.
    • Vant-aj is attracted to Baham.
    • Vant-aj will stay in touch with Ilara.
    • Baham is not attracted to Vant-aj.
  • Destroyed the Daedric Portals and defeated the Veiled Queen in Auridon.
    • Vant-aj discovered that staffs are quite epic. Why has Vant-aj only been using daggers up to this point?

Seriously, though–staffs are epic and really help mix up the gameplay. Vant-aj will continue to be a dual-wielding dagger tank, but he will also be using staffs from time to time, because ESO allows players to have two weapon loadouts, which can be quickly selected in combat by clicking left on the direction pad. Be sure to note that this changes your entire loadout so make sure to equip your second ability bar with abilities.

Vant-aj invites you to a concert on the hill


Don’t worry. You won’t catch Vant-aj sitting on a Lore Book any time soon, because I am taking a slight break from ESO to play Vampyr.

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