An Update

Hey guys, I’ve been absent for over two months now, without a word. I want to apologize. I’m sorry.

A lot started happening in July to bog me down. I started working my butt off to get as much money as I could before senior year started so that I could afford food, gas, and tuition. Once classes started back, I was swamped with band rehearsals, classes, studying, and assignments. I haven’t had much time to play video games or to write about video games. In fact, according to Steam I’ve only played 9 hours in the last two weeks. I spent some time with Outlast 2 and started Battle Chef Brigade yesterday. The latter is phenomenal so far.

I hope to get back to writing soon, but can’t make any promises. I have a lot of essays to write and I’m also working on my senior English project, which is a novel. Those take priority over this blog. I do really want to write about why I stopped playing Ni No Kuni II, my thoughts about Dragon Age: Inquisition, and a piece about games that I never would’ve played if not for Humble Bundle. I’m hoping to write two pieces a month, but like I said–no promises.

Thank you,

Cody (cachway)