American Truck Simulator

American Truck Simulator is one of those game that I never pictured myself playing for longer than one hour—I have played 16 hours in the last two weeks. That’s crazy!

In American Truck Simulator, you are a truck driver. You deliver various cargoes across sunny California, sandy Nevada, and the Grand Canyon State of Arizona. New Mexico and Oregon can be purchased as DLC for $11.99 each. Oregon just released on October 4, which is probably why American Truck Simulator was included in the October 2018 Humble Bundle. If you got the October 2018 Humble Bundle, you will be able to save 50% on New Mexico and 10% on Oregon until November 5.

Try New Things: Humble Bundle

The obvious question: If American Truck Simulator was not in the Humble Bundle would you have bought it and played it? No.

American Truck Simulator is not the type of game I typically enjoy, but this game is relaxing and while it might not be fun at times, it is enjoyable. The game is somewhat simple. You drive to a location, pick up cargo, drive to a different location, drop off cargo, and repeat. Sometimes you stop at a rest stop, refuel at a gas station, buy a new truck, upgrade a garage, and hire a new driver for your company.

My second truck.

There are very few driving games that are not racing games. American Truck Simulator is one of the few, but you can still semi-drift around corners if you so desire.

Tried to take this corner at 93 mph—quickly slammed on the brakes midway.

You will get tickets for speeding, running red lights, and collisions. Other vehicles actually respond to your turn signals so make sure to use those even though a lot of people still do not use them in real life. You will fall asleep if you do not stop at rest-stops every so often and you will have to call a tow truck if you run out of fuel.

Sometimes you will come across road construction or wrecks.

If you are uncertain about American Truck Simulator, there is a demo available on Steam. I think that American Truck Simulator is enjoyable, but probably not for everyone and for some people $19.99 might be a little bit too expensive. It is fun if you want to relax and take in the scenery.

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